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A dental wand lasts approximately 4 weeks for an average cat

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2 Dental Wands


4 Weeks

B2B (C) - Dental Wand Starter Kit
  • B2B (C) - Dental Wand Starter Kit

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    We combined our knowledge in feline behaviour and dentistry to bring you the future of feline oral home care.


    The Dental Wand Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin your oral care journey. It is a great option for those who are new to feline oral care or those who want to easily incorporte a new oral care routine into their cat's lives.


    The Starter Kit contains:


    The Dental Wand

    As seen on Dragons' Den, it's the cat-friendly toothbrush. Where your cat is 100% in control, cleaning the buccal and lingual surfaces of cat's teeth.


    Telescopic rod

    An extendabe rod, easy to hook on the Dental Wand. It's design creates erratic movements to the Dental Wand during play, engaging better your cat's instincts to hunt. 


    Enzymatic cat toothpaste

    Cat toothpaste that contains enzymes which help break down plaque upon contact with the teeth.


    Worm attachment

    Aids in inciting your cat to play when they need more help during playtime or when they're not very receptive to play.


    7g Bag of catnip

    Makes the cat euphoric and helps incorporate new stimuli into a cat's routine.



    *Never let your cat play with the Dental Wand unsupervised.

    *Read Manual before use



    5% from the sale of every Dental Wand sold will be donated to Cats Protection

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      Expert Recommendations

      That go great with the Dental Wand Attachment



      Enzymatic Cat Toothpaste

      Enzymatic cat toothpaste is essential when cleaning your cat's teeth. Choose our premium cat toothpaste, Virbac CET. 

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      UK Extra Strong Catnip

      Cats love routines. For some cats it takes a bit longer to incorporate something new in their routine. Our catnip speeds up the process.

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