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Victor Carpio from Inventor Ltd. showing the Dental Wand in Dragons' Den

Dragons' Den

Victor Carpio, founder and director of Inventor Ltd. took the Dental Wand to the Dragons. He knew that with the Dragon's help he could help save thousands of cats from periodontal disease.

The show was emotional, Victor showed the Dragons how Inventor Ltd. is helping owners brush their cat's teeth in a cat-friendly way.

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer or by using our link.

Cat biting the Dental Wand

Our Values

Looking after your cat should not be stressful for you or your cat.​

All cats deserve to have great oral home care no matter their age.​

You should never have to choose between your feline bond and your cat's health.

Our Story

We combine our knowledge in feline behaviour & feline dentistry.

Our goal is to reduce the number of cats that suffer from periodontal disease.

Victor Carpio, our founder, tried brushing his cat's teeth for the first time using a cat toothbrush and hated it. He had to put his cat in a position he didn't want to be in, it was stressful for them both. He was crying, "it's for your own good!" His cat was meowing trying to get out. No cleaning was done and frustration stained the room.

That's when Victor released that he wasn't the only cat owner that struggles with cleaning his cat's teeth. 85% of cats in the UK alone show signs of dental disease. This is because there is a stigma of fear surrounding oral home care and the only effective method to prevent periodontal disease (the cat toothbrush) is also the hardest to use.

He decided to create Inventor Ltd, a company that upholds their values to providing better oral home care and improving the cat's well-being whilst boosting the human-feline bond.

Victor studied, got certified and use his knowledge to create a cat-friendly way of brushing cat's teeth called the Dental Wand.

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