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A dental wand lasts approximately 4 weeks for an average cat

Our Experts Recommend

2 Dental Wands


4 Weeks

Dental Wand Subscription
  • Dental Wand Subscription

    SKU: DW0102AS

    Establish your cat's oral care routine and save!


    The Subscription includes:

    • Dental Wand Attachment
    • Free UK Delivery for life


    Plus - Get your third Dental Wand Attachment for FREE


    Set how often you'd like to receive the Dental Wand replacements. Sit back and relax knowning you've done right for your cat.


    You'll be charged on the day for the number of Dental Wands chosen and then billed at your chosen frequency from the day you made your initial purchase. 


    You are able to cancel, freeze or amend your subscription at any time, simply email letting us know want you'd like to do at least one week before your new order is due to be shipped. No extra charges applied to cancelations.


    Oral Care is for life! Subscribing to our Dental Wands makes sure you won't miss a day on keeping your cat happy and keeping your cat's teeth safe.


    *Never let your cat play with the Dental Wand unsupervised. If it's damaged, discard.


    *Read manual carefully before use. Only 1-2 bites is needed.

      Excluding VAT
      Price Options
      Save 60%
      per Dental Wand
      £6.50every 2 weeks until canceled
      Save 50%
      per Dental Wand
      £7.50every 4 weeks until canceled
      Save 50%
      per Dental Wand
      £7.50every 6 weeks until canceled
      Save 50%
      per Dental Wand
      £7.50every 8 weeks until canceled

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      UK Extra Strong Catnip

      Cats love routines. For some cats it takes a bit longer to incorporate something new in their routine. Our catnip speeds up the process.

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