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The Stress-Free Way to Brush Your Cat's Teeth

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inventorcat dental wand

When your cat bites the Dental Wand, the bristles on the surface bend and scrape bacteria accumulating on the teeth and underneath the gumline. The dental wand is covered in these bristles to allow your cat's whole mouth to be cleaned.

The Dental Wand is made from food-grade silicone meaning it is non-toxic to cats and completely safe for your cat to be biting the toy.

The dental wand is designed to release the toothpaste only when your cat bites the toy. This makes cleaning your cat's teeth enjoyable for your cat throughout the whole process.

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The Stress-Free Way To Brush Cat's Teeth

85% of cats over the age of three suffer from dental disease.

This is because cat's hate brushing their teeth with a toothbrush. It is invasive and unpleasant.

Our Dental Wand engages your cat's instincts and mimics the way they would brush their teeth in the wild. This means your cat will enjoy brushing and create positive associations when using our Dental Wand.


We want to work with YOU. 

Our goal is to reduce the number of cats in the world that suffer from periodontal disease. 

If you supply cat products, work with cats or, breed cats; and believe in proactive cat care and would like to help us towards our goal, reach out below.

inventor cat brushing teeth mental stimulation

Boosts your cat's mental stimulation.

inventor cat brushing teeth bond with your cat

Increases the bond with your cat.

inventor cat brushing teeth vet advice cleaning teeth

Easily follow veterinarian guidelines by brushing daily.

inventor cat brushing teeth easy to use stress free way of brushing cats teeth

Easy to use. Get positive interactions on your first try.

inventor cat brushing teeth happy cat

Keeps your cat happy!

It reduces stress related behaviours.

inventor cat brushing teeth routine

Easily maintain a healthy care routine.

inventor cat brushing teeth cats of all ages

No age discrimination, cats of all ages can benefit from the Dental Wand.

inventorcat dental wand cleaning teeth

Cat's teeth are exposed to brushing for longer periods of time using the Dental Wand.

Give Your Cat Cleaner Teeth in 3 Easy Steps

inventor cat dental wand cleaning teeth kickstarter

Unscrew the two compartments and put cat toothpaste inside. If you’d like, you can place catnip in the other compartment

inventor cat dental wand cleaning teeth kickstarter
inventor cat dental wand cleaning teeth kickstarter

Screw clockwise both filled compartments to the middle connector. Start with one and then screw on the other.

Grab the hoop of the braided string and attach it to the cord of the toy and the feathers to. Once hooked, you are ready to play.

inventor cat dental wand kickstarter march 2022

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