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World Cat Day - How to Celebrate :D

FRIEND: A cat birthday party?

ME: Yeah...

*blank stare*

ME: Do you want to come?


This new year has started with another lockdown...*scream into pillow!*

By now, there is nothing new to watch on Netflix, you've discovered 22 different routes to get home and you've probably already cooked every recipe on MOB; it's time to spice things up a bit. There doesn't exist a better scapegoat for your sanity than by celebrating your cats birthday!

Some of you might be thinking that another month of Lockdown and your friendly neighbourhood cat author will be MIA. Com'on guys have faith, cat birthday parties are a thing; you aren’t the only one considering throwing one–there are over 85.5k #catbirthday posts on Instagram alone!

Yesterday was World Cat Day, a day dedicated to appreciate the magnificence of cats and to support the cat community. What a perfect excuse it is to do something different and give you cat a celebration! – God, don’t we all want to do something different during lockdown.

So here are a few suggestions on what you can do this weekend maybe. You can go as big or as small as you like. The important thing to remember when doing this is to think of your cat’s needs. Consider what your cat will be comfortable with; after all this day is about them.

Make sure to take photos of your celebration and tag Inventor Cat on Facebook or Instagram!

The Perfect Present

inventor cat world cat day birthday

Imagine for a second that your cat was one of the seven dwarves. Which one would your cat be? Would he be Sleepy? Happy? Would he be Jumpy? Hidey? Or is he definitely a Sneaky?

Considering your cats attributes will help you determine the best gift for them. Even though cat’s don’t like changes, their psychological wellbeing demands new stimulation. So whether it is a new toy to add to the bundle or a new scratching post, this helps promote that new stimulation.

You'll perk the natural curiosity of the cat; therefore encourage them to sniff out the new thing, be happy and you’ll see it be motivated to use it; just hide the box it came in.


inventor cat world cat day birthday

In every birthday celebration the birthday girl / boy should be allowed to loosen up. Catnip is the equivalent of champagne for cats. It is used to attract cats to new objects, break the ice to any new interaction and it also makes some very entertaining videos.

You can sprinkle a bit of catnip onto his food and watch the madness unfold…I’m just kidding. It will have one of three effects on your cat. It’ll either chill them out, get them all playful or have no affect on your cat (this happens to a small percentage).

Make sure you have time to play with your cat once you give him some catnip. It really gets their excitement up and it really opens the door to a whole new fun, bonding experience. Make the most of it!

There are also catnip toys which your cat will love. We got our Lilo a catnip catfish, it serves as a great kicking toy and also as a great target for him to pounce on when he’s hiding in his box or around his cat tree. There are loads on amazon, I am sure your pet store has some, give them a try.

Cake! I want cake!

inventor cat world cat day birthday

What sort of cat birthday party would it be without a cat birthday cake! There are loads of easy recipes online. The best ones are sweet potato, chicken and tuna.

We'll be putting a tutorial video on our Inventor Cat Facebook and Instagram pages this Saturday!

Pamper time

inventor cat world cat day birthday

Being cat lovers AKA cat butlers, we are used to giving our cat some TLC. Use this day to go the extra mile. Gift your cat a nice comfy bed, or a hiding hole that he can relax in.

If you respect your cat's boundaries it is also possible to give them a massage, this is very beneficial to a mature kitty but remember to be careful to not overstimulate your cat. Your cat will give you signals when they are having enough.

Be mindful that over-petting overstimulates and can make their hair follicles so sensitive that it actually hurts the cat. You can always find a holistic pet masseuse who could do a house call.

If your cat prefers, you can also pamper them by giving them an extra long play session.

Sign up to the Inventor Cat monthly newsletter for instructions on how to massage your cat.

Adventure time, com’on grab your friends…

inventor cat world cat day birthday

This works best when you have trained your cat to use a leash or harness.

It takes some time for the cat to get used to the harness (they’ll usually walk backwards) but keep praising them and be patient, you want it to be a positive experience.

Once they get the hang of it, take them outside in a secure, enclosed area to build up their confidence and their way to manoeuvre the world with the harness. Once they feel ready, you can take your proud tiger to the streets, a small bit at a time.

The more the merrier…maybe

inventor cat world cat day birthday

Since this is a party, gather a friend or two to celebrate your cat’s birthday with you. But keep their cats at home. You want to also make sure that your cat is going to be happy with this, after all it is their day. Consider whether your cat is happy with strange humans around.

A good cause

inventor cat world cat day birthday

What comes around goes around. Mark your cat’s special occasion by helping others in need.

If you did invite people to your cat's party then instead of getting them to bring a gift for your cat, they can instead donate to a cat in need. Since we can also celebrate world cat day lets make a difference and support those stepping up to help those defenceless animals.

Take a selfie, I mean a good one

inventor cat world cat day birthday

A picture can say a thousand words. Obviously this day is going to be so amazing that there will be no words capable of describing your feeling. Therefore get a professional photo to let that wide smile of yours portray the emotions and fun that this day was.

Boxes, Boxes, more boxes.

inventor cat world cat day birthday

As we all now all too well, our beautiful gift that we give our cat can be easily upstaged by the box it came in…figures.

Use this to your advantage and collect a few boxes to give your cat the ultimate maze box extravaganza 3000!

To make your cat’s dream a reality just cut a few holes in boxes and join them together as you wish. Giving your cat entry holes on top or the side (as you wish) for your cat to pop out from, spaces for them to hunt and tunnels to travel around the maze.

Treasure hunt

inventor cat world cat day birthday

Foraging is a natural behaviour for cats and not only does it provide mental enrichment, cats enjoy it because it gives them a chance to hunt. Therefore use this instinctual behaviour to provide a fun birthday activity for your cat.

1) Set up a scavenger hunt by hiding a small amount of cat treats around the house. Lead your cat along to help him find them with a treat in your hand or a few tossed on the floor. Make sure you extra special treats to fit the occasion, such as cut up boiled chicken.

2) You can also surprise your cat by hiding small amounts of treats throughout the house and continue to do so all day long. Your cat will love finding treasures continually throughout the day.



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