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Train Your Cat To Like The Vets

inventor cat how to get your cat to like the vets

“It’s ironic that my cat doesn’t feel safe in the one place that is meant to keep him safe. I wish that I could do something to make him feel better.”

These stats show the extent of the problem:

Study of 1111 cats conducted by the University of Pisa

78% of people reported their cat of being afraid of going to the vet.

59% of cats were reported of being afraid of people and dogs in the waiting room.

71% of cats were reported to have been aggressive to a vet at some point.

Only 32% of cats let the vet touch them anywhere.

A vet can only successfully carry out procedures (temperature taking, blood sample or injections) on 66% of cats.

Only 27% of cats were said to be calm in the waiting room.

cat at vets.jpg

These numbers are horrifying. Veterinarians are not able to examine your cat properly and it can mean that important things are left unnoticed.

Download our eBook below to train your cat to like the vet (to a certain extent). This this the first great step to keeping your cat happy.

The second is choosing the right vet, a vet that understands your cat's needs. Search for a Cat Friendly Clinic using International Cat Care's directory.

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