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The Dental Wand - The Stress-Free Way of Brushing Cat's Teeth

85% of cats in the UK show signs of dental disease. It’s no surprise, cat owners know that to prevent dental disease we must brush our cat’s teeth, the same way we do with our own. However, brushing a cat’s teeth is a daunting task for most owners, especially when we must do it daily. Most owners opt for other dental care options which are meant to serve as a compliment to brushing or decide to take a chance on their cat’s health because they don’t want to ruin their human-feline bond.

Inventor Cat, a pioneer in the rise of health toys have created the Dental Wand, a wand toy designed to brush your cat’s teeth. They are combining what they know about feline behaviour and dentistry to create a method of brushing cats’ teeth that engages the cat’s instincts and applies those instinctual behaviours to drive the desired behaviours of teeth brushing.

cat using the dental wand, the best cat toothbrush

Victor Carpio inventor of the Dental Wand told us how he thought of the idea, “I always thought about how my parents would get me to do something I didn’t like to do, like eating my vegetables. They would mask what I didn't like in something I did enjoy, like hiding the vegetables in a steak pie. We realised feral cats would brush their teeth via the digestion of prey however, this is ineffective on its own but by ironing out the creases and through clever design we could make a cat-friendly way of brushing cat’s teeth that would work on cats of all ages.”

Cat owners can use the Dental Wand in 3 easy steps:

  1. Open it.

  2. Fill it with enzymatic cat toothpaste and close it.

  3. Begin to play.

Cat’s will begin to hunt the Dental Wand, going through their predatory sequence which ends with the ‘winning kill’. The pressure from the bite will expel the cat toothpaste across the buccal and lingual surfaces of cat’s teeth whilst the bristles bend and snap, disrupting the matrix of polymers from bacterial origin that are trying to form.

cat using the dental wand, the best cat toothbrush
cat using the dental wand, the best cat toothbrush

The Dental Wand uses interactive play meaning that cats are creating positive associations with their owner and the brushing experience as a result, brushing becomes easier and the human-feline bond increases after every use.

Hence, it not only cleans cats’ teeth but it provides great mental stimulation for cats reducing stress-related behaviours.

The design is focused on tapping into the cat’s instincts at every level of the brushing experience whilst making it fun for both the cat and owner.

What differentiates it from a traditional cat toothbrush is that it encourages cooperation from the cat; it doesn’t require technical ability from the owner to use and it boosts motivation from the owner to carry out a daily effective oral care routine.

The goal of Inventor Cat is to reduce the number of cats that suffer from dental disease by changing the way we brush cat’s teeth; making it possible for owners to brush their cat’s teeth daily without the stress caused by a traditional toothbrush. The Dental Wand is built with cat’s and owners in mind, making it stress-free for both cats and owners and allowing for positive training foundations to be built by the owner.

All educational articles advise owners to start using a toothbrush when their cat is a kitten. Most cat owners find out their cat has gingivitis when they are 5 or 6 years old and this is usually the first time they try brushing their teeth, making it hard for them to assimilate this type of oral care into their cat’s routine at their adult age. The Dental Wand engages a cat’s instincts this lets cats of all ages to brush their teeth as easy as if they were a kitten.

a cat toothbrush vs the dental wand, the best cat toothbrush

It’s never too late to start brushing your cat’s teeth with the Dental Wand, it’s finally possible to look after your cat’s teeth and not stress your cat in the process.



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