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Cat-tastic Company of the Month: Premium Cat Supplies!

We are starting off the Cat-tastic company of the month series with Premium Cat Supplies. They are an amazing company who do amazing things with their litter; providing benefits to cats and the environment!

Just because it's cat litter, it doesn't have to be litter... let's see their story:

Premium Cat Supplies are a relatively new company founded in 2019 and based in Glasgow, Scotland. Having tried many cat litter brands for our company's cat owners, we came across Tofu litter which was a new and very long-lasting product that was sustainably sourced and had multiple benefits for the planet, for cats and kittens and worked out financially cheaper for the consumer.

Not only was this litter 100% natural but it could be flushed safely down the toilet or used in your garden compost too.

The small particles of tofu are completely safe if ingested by cats or kittens as they dissolve in water and are 100% natural causing no toxicity or risk of internal blockages. For this reason, it has been especially formulated for kittens.

Tofu is an excellent formula for containing unpleasant smells from the litter tray so you are able to enjoy an odour free environment whilst using this product.

Our research allowed us to test and approve Tofu litter as the ultimate cat litter product and we are delighted to now bring this to you!

Further Research

Once we realised just how beneficial this product was for our furry friends we became conscious of the varying needs of cats and their owners so began researching products that would ultimately help cats. It was no longer about finding a good product that cat owners would like but rather finding products that would benefit cats and their owners, making their life better and more comfortable.

Anti-anxiety Doughnut Cat Beds

The anti-anxiety cat bed is another revolutionary product and designed especially to help cats feel safe, comfortable and to combat any anxiety issues that may arise.

Its unique doughnut shape design allows your cat to curl up within its circular shape, enveloping themselves in the middle and feeling protected by the soft protective wall that encircles the bed. The bed is made from the softest materials that your cat will love and comes in a variety of colours to choose from.

The anti-anxiety cat bed has been proven to help your cat feel secure and safe when they have previously suffered from anxiety and the cat beds have been veterinary approved. By placing the bed in an area your cat can claim as their own, they will settle into its folds easily and quickly make themselves comfortable.

Premium Cat Supplies have been delighted to receive 5-star reviews from customers who have purchased the bed and reported excellent and immediate results with their pets allowing us to confidently bring this to you knowing you will be delighted with your purchase.

Rescue Centres

Premium Cat Supplies feel we have a duty of care towards our feline friends and reached out to various rescue centres offering some assistance with our Premium Tofu Cat Litter and came up with a winner.

With Rain Rescue Centre we have set up an incentive for the adoption of senior cats who tend to be bypassed when it comes to re-homing. We are offering a Senior Cat Pack of Premium Tofu Cat Litter and Premium Cat bowl to every senior cat adopted from the shelter to go with them to their new home.

We are proud to provide TenderPaws Rescue centre with our amazing Premium Tofu Cat Litter too and look forward to participating with other rescue centres throughout the UK.

Since starting the company in 2019 Premium Cat Supplies were fortunate to be able to connect with many of the countries leading competition organisers including LCWW and TICA and supply our product to some of the UK's most prestigious breeders of exotic cats including RunaSoul Cattery, breeders of Sphynx Cats, Brifold breeders of Scottish Fold and British Shorthair Cats, Ellclaracats who specialise in breeding Ragdolls and British Shorthairs and Fenikscoon Cattery who specialise in Maine Coon Cats.

Having established an excellent relationship with our breeders we highly recommend them for their expertise, knowledge of their breed and the love and tender care that goes with raising their kittens for you.

Premium Cat Supplies have built their reputation on trust. A trust you can count on to supply you and your cats with products that will benefit you and your pet, saving you money and providing you with a quality and customer service you can be proud of.




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