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Mimic the wild

Revolutionise oral care

Lifetime care with your Dental Wand

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How It Works


Get your personalised routine

The starter kit gives you everything you need to start your new oral care journey. Answer some questions so we can get to know your cat better and create your customized plan.


Get your Starter Kit with 20% Off

After buying the starter kit you’ll see your bespoke oral care routine. Choose how often you’d like to receive the Dental Wand and set up your subscription payment; this will ensure your cat never misses a clean. We’ll send you a reminder one week before delivery which gives plenty of time to make any changes.


Subscribe and receive dental wands to suit your routine

That’s right, your oral care routine is 100% flexible. You can change delivery dates, pause or cancel your subscription, you can even alter your oral care selections.

What's in the Starter Kit?


The Dental Wand’s design has been reviewed by cat experts to make sure it encourages the desired feline behaviours and makes the cleaning of teeth as efficient as possible.

The Dental Wand mimics the way wild cats would brush their teeth and puts it in a domesticated setting.

It requires no technical ability, it ensures cooperation from your cat, and lets your cat create positive associations with you and the brushing experience, improving the human-feline bond.

We have found cat's teeth are exposed to brushing for longer periods of time using the Dental Wand compared to when using a cat toothbrush.

The Starter Kit gives you all the tools for you to carry out preventative oral care. 

Each Starter Kit Contains:

  • Dental Wand

  • Telescopic rod

  • Enzymatic cat toothpaste

  • Worm attachment

  • 7g Bag of catnip

  • Manual

Your Cat's Routine Starts Here


Starter Kit



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Tell Us About Your Cats

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Save your Oral Care Routine

Create an account to save you and your cats details along with our recommended oral care routine

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